Investigating Christianity: How Can You Give a Reason for What You Believe?

Ronin's Journey

Every person alive believes something. Even a nihilist who ‘believes’ in nothing has to make decisions. The question is if we can back it up. That is something more important than we realize, especially in matters of life or death, or eternal life or death.

I was going to my Connections class when I overheard a conversation. Two ladies were talking about one of their kids. From what I overheard, the kid was questioning Christianity because of something they saw online.

I have no problems with that. I questioned it, too. I still question what I don’t understand. That is why I call myself a student of apologetics. Like the kid, I went to other sources as well, listing them in a previous post “It’s Okay to Question”.

What source does a kid trust the most? First, their parents, or close family. Second, their spiritual leaders, if they…

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