God’s Idea of Marriage

Committing vows to seek God before marriage provides His blessings. Seeking God creates value in a married relationship because both parties make Christ the center. Trusting God first, allows the fruit of the Spirit to be a present-working influence. They can be sure that in Christ, things will work out for their good (Ro. 8:28). Those who put Him at the center will encourage others to have a trusting and lasting relationship with God. The blessing that is meant to reach others is a relationship with Him through Christ. Of course, to ensure enjoyment of the Spirit’s fruit, sinful natures of the world must be crucified with Christ (Gal. 5:24). Worldly instruction can become a detriment for holy matrimony. When the world is viewed as a reliable place to define love, the marriage is at risk of becoming imperfectly broken. Marriage is made to resemble God, not the world.

The first of the fruits of the Spirit is love, therefore, paying attention to God’s instructions on how to love is important. God is the teacher of love as it says in 1 Corinthians 12:31 and 13:1-13. His way of love in a marriage will nurture the ways and the fruits of life in the Spirit. Love is also mentioned as greater than hope and faith in 1 Corinthians 3:13.  Practicing these characteristics of love in Galatians 5:22 is a beautiful way to show love to all, inside and outside of marriage.

God considers imperfect ways childish (1Co. 13:9-12) and declares His way of love as unfailing (1Co. 13:8). He defines love in Galatians 5:22 as: patient, kind, not boastful, not envious, not prideful, not rude, not self-seeking, not easily-angered, not keeping records of wrongs, the opposite of evil, and happy with the truth. Because of the Spirit, marriages can enjoy all of these wonderful qualities.

God’s lamp of instruction lights the path for all matrimony, including His church. God calls the church to eagerly desire the gifts of the Spirit in order to  strengthen, encourage, and comfort people (1Co. 14:1-3). The gift of prophecy was mentioned first (1Co. 14:1). The gift of prophecy without love means utterly nothing (1Co. 13:2), but speaking in prophecy with love, properly edifies His marriage to the church (1Co. 14:4).  Both attributes are used by God to bring those who seek Him closer to Him. True believers who come to Him are able to prophecy and strengthen the church for everyone(1Co. 14:22-24). This has a benefit for believers, and unbelievers, alike.

Prophecy and love are gifts of instruction given by God to help other sinners believe and grow in Him. Because it provides clear instruction about His love, this should be honored for the benefit of the church marriage. If it isn’t chaos, noise, destructive patterns are evident. Putting prophecy and love together strengthens and blesses all relationships with Him and each other, because it is His way to strengthen and encourage one another in Spirit. That is why spiritual gifts are a requirement along with the gift of love (1 Co 14:1).

A marriage without prophecy and love for instruction will become like a child lost in their thoughts, and will not lead others to Him. Brothers and sisters without continuous instruction will become like aliens (1 Co 14:11). However, God’s ways of imparting knowledge will bless the unity within a church.

As grown-ups heed instruction,  imparted and childish ways are lost (1 Co 13:10-12). Consider the benefits of understanding and imparting God’s holy instructions. Others will live in the light and become all the more faithful to Him and others will heed that blessing as well.  Where there is more God, there is more love and understanding.


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